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Product Walk-Behind Road Saw

Walk-Behind Road Saw

The CC1200 road saw is a robust, powerful walk-behind saw for cutting asphalt and concrete in the harsh Australian environment. Featuring a quick release pointer, steel water feed tubes for even blade cooling and a Briggs and Stratton I/C petrol engine. The 13.5hp engine provides ample power for single 18” blade or in dual cutting mode with 14” blades. In single cut made the blade can be operated on either side of the saw.

CodeDescriptionMax shaft heightDual Blade Cutting WidthWidthLengthHeightWeight (dry)
CC1200Walk Behind Road Saw26.7mm (10.5”)50.8mm (20”)62.3cm (24.”)137.7cm (54”)107.5cm (42.3”)102 kg (225lbs)
14” Blade Max Cutting Depth18” Blade Max Cutting DepthMax Blade SpeedBlade Arbor DiameterBlade Shaft DiameterEngineMax Dual Blade DiameterMax Blade Diameter
117mm (4 5/6”)168mm (6 5/8”)2600rpm25.4mm (1”)31.7mm (1.25”)`B&S I/C13.5hp356mm (14”)457mm (18”)

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