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Vibrating Shafts

Flexible vibration shafts provide high frequency vibration from a low flexshaft speed. The pendulum tip vibrator generates a high frequency vibration that drives out entrapped air to provide improved compaction, strength and finish of concrete. These shafts are made under a quality-control system that conforms to international regulations. Made to endure the tough conditions of the worksite, the design and materials used in their manufacture ensures a high quality product. Shafts are put through an ageing test that includes exposure to 100°C for 48 hours. They can efficienty compact up to 25 m3/H of concrete. Their pendulum system yields 12000 v.p.m from a shaft rotation frequency of just 3000 r.p.m. The flexible shaft  is internally reinforced and strengthened with an integrated metallic mesh (65Mn steel), the wires of which are each 0.3mm in diameter.

CodeDescriptionDiametre (mm)Needle Length (mm)Length (M)Weight (kgs)Performance (M3/H)Vibrations (v.p.m)
ENA25Enarco Vibrating Shaft25300616.7516000
ENA38Enarco Vibrating Shaft38370618.11212000
ENA48Enarco Vibrating Shaft48430620.11712000
ENA48Enarco Vibrating Shaft58448622.22212000
ENA58-9Enarco Vibrating Shaft584489322212000
ENA58REnarco Vibrating Shaft with Resilient Tip58448622.22212000
ENA70Enarco Vibrating Shaft70485624.52512000
KSES3m Shaft Extension322
KSES66m Shaft Extension614

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