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Vibrating Screed

The Enarco and Easymix vibrating screeds are powered by the Honda GX35 mini 4-stroke engine. Available with beams ranging from 1.5 to 4 metres. Vibrating Screeds are made with multi-point adjustable acceleration and a transmission system with centrifugal clutch. The screed bar and frame manually separated for ease of transport whilst the handles fold down for increased storage space. The motor is raised from ground level to avoid damage and excessive amounts of concrete and dirt damaging the motor whilst the semi-rigid transmission absorbs horizontal and vertical oscillations. 12 month machine warranty and 36 month Honda warranty.

CodeDescriptionWeight (kgs)Length (cm)EngineBlade Size (mm)Path (mm)
HURA1.5Enarco Vibrating Screed171500Honda GX351500x2001500
HURA2.5Enarco Vibrating Screed182500Honda GX352500x2002500
HURA3Enarco Vibrating Screed223000Honda GX353000x2003000
HURA4Enarco Vibrating Screed264000Honda GX354000x2004000
EVS2.4HEasymix Vibrating Screed182400Honda GX352400x1202400
EVS3HEasymix Vibrating Screed223000Honda GX353000x1203000
CodeFuelPower (KW)Horse Power (HP)Capacity (CC)Frequency (VPM)Centrifugal Force (N)Motor Oil Capacity (ml)

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