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Category Ucrete Flooring

Product Ucrete MF

Ucrete MF

Medium duty polyurethane hybrid flooring system

How does Ucrete MF work?

Ucrete MF is a single layerseamless, solvent-free, polyurethane flooring system with a smooth matt surface finish.

Ucrete MF is recommended for conditions requiring the maximum chemical resistance and where a smooth, even and easy to clean surface is required such as:

  • Textile and film plants
  • Food and beverage production
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Confectionery production
  • Electronic component manufacture & assembly
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Chemical plants

What makes Ucrete MF a unique solution?

It has high impact resistance and withstands abrasive wear and a wide spectrum of chemicals.

What are the benefits of Ucrete MF?

  • Expert application– installed only by trained and approved specialist contractors.
  • Fast application /rapid access– can be applied to 4-day-old concrete/2-day-old polymer screeds.
  • Short curing time– 8 hour access to foot traffic; 24 hours for vehicles.
  • Hygienic/Safe– non-tainting, non-dusting, monolithic (minimum joints); easy to maintain; microbiologically inert.
  • Durable/long life– Wide chemical resistance; wear and impact resistant; resists cleaning temperature up to 80°C at 6 mm thickness and at 3mm to 60 °C; 25 years of international use.
  • Pre-packed– pre-weighed/pre-packed for immediate use; batch-to-batch colour matched for consistency

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