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Category Performance Flooring

Product MasterTop TC 450

MasterTop TC 450

Clear UV resistant solventless epoxy coating for concrete

How does MasterTop TC 450 work?

MasterTop TC 450 is a solventlesshigh gloss, low viscosity epoxy coating. It is recommended for wear resistant finish to concrete, workshops and warehouses

What makes MasterTop TC 450 a unique solution?

MasterTop TC 450 is designed for application as a clear hard wearing surface primarily over ground concrete or vinyl flake flooring.

What are the benefits of MasterTop TC 450?

  • New technology
  • Mild odour, light colour
  • Minimal sweat-out, blush or bloom
  • Resistant to mild acids/alkalis
  • Easy application by roller or squeegee
  • Excellent surface wetting characteristics
  • Minimal water spotting
  • Low viscosity
  • Good adhesion
  • Good mar resistance

MasterTop TC 450 Technical Data Sheet MasterTop TC 450 Part A Safety Data Sheet MasterTop TC 450 Part B Safety Data Sheet

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