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Product MasterKure CC 100WB

MasterKure CC 100WB

Wax emulsion curing compound

How does MasterKure CC 100WB work?

MasterKure CC 100WB (clear or white) is a water based wax emulsion compound for curing fresh moist plain concrete.. MasterKure 100WB meets the requirements of AS 3799-1998, “Specification for Liquid Membrane-Forming Curing Compounds for Concrete” when applied at the recommended application rate.

Recommended uses:

  • all types of external concrete paving
  • applications where damp curing is impracticable
  • concrete road pavements to prevent base course bonding to top course
  • use as a bond breaker in lift slab construction

What makes MasterKure CC 100WB a unique solution?

It forms a flexible film which prevents concrete drying out during the critical early stages of hydration thus ensuring satisfactory curing of the concrete.

What are the benefits of MasterKure CC 100WB?

  • Efficient curing of concrete, assists the development of strength, abrasion resistance and durability and reduces the likelihood of cracking or dusting at the surface
  • Easy to use, quick means of curing which requires no further attention, eliminates the problems of messy water curing
  • Safe to use – non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-staining, less hazardous than some other methods of curing
  • Economical

MasterKure CC 100WB Technical Data Sheet MasterKure CC 100WB Safety Data Sheet

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