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Product MasterKure 250

MasterKure 250

Water based hydrocarbon resin curing compound

How does MasterKure 250 work?

MasterKure 250 is a water dispersed hydrocarbon resin based curing compound for newly placed concrete. MasterKure 250 meets the water retention requirements of AS3799-1998 when applied at the recommended application rate. It has been formulated from special aliphatic resins and being water dispersed is of low toxicity.

Recommended uses:

  • large areas of external anlarge areas of external and internal concrete paving
  • concrete road pavements

What makes MasterKure 250 a unique solution?

It forms a flexible film which prevents concrete drying out during the critical early stages of hydration thus ensuring satisfactory curing of the concrete.

What are the benefits of MasterKure 250?

  • Water based – low toxicity to operatives and no harmful effects on the environment
  • Efficient curing of concrete – assists the development of strength, abrasion resistance and durability and reduces the likelihood of cracking or dusting at the surface
  • Easy to use – convenient means of curing which requires no further attention, eliminates the problems of messy water curing or awkward polyethylene film
  • Leaves surface as plain concrete – designed to begin degrading after 7 days exposure to UV light and lose adhesion to concrete after 6- 8 weeks exposure to UV light (must be removed by high pressure water blasting or acid etching before subsequent coatings).
  • Visible on site QA- can have a fugitive dye added to assist in achieving uniform coverage
  • Simple removal – can be water jetted off after degradation, if required
  • Available in clear or dye.

MasterKure 250 Technical Data Sheet MasterKure 250 Clear Safety Data Sheet MasterKure 250 Dye SDS

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