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Category Epoxy & Cementitious Grouts

Product MasterFlow 816

MasterFlow 816

Cementitious aggregate free cable grout

How does MasterFlow 816 work?

MasterFlow 816 is a ready-to-use aggregate free grout specially formulated for applications that require a fluid, shrinkage compensating grout where clearances are shallow, and the grouting of tensioned cables and rods stressed above 550MPa.

Recommended uses:

  • Shrinkage compensated grouting in restricted spaces between precast wall panels, beams and columns where grout will be in contact with highly stressed steel
  • Grouting of anchor bolts, rods and pipes where the annular space is too small for conventional aggregate containing grouts (clearances of 6 to 25mm)
  • Repairs to concrete, such as cracks and honeycombing, filling small voids
  • Pumping into areas around pre-tensioned or post-tensioned cables and rods to encapsulate the steel and protect it against corrosion, and to provide maximum anchorage
  • Placing around end sections of unanchored cables and rods to provide anchorage for subsequent tensioning
  • Grouting cable anchor plates or other types of plates where grout will be in contact with highly stressed anchorages

What are the unique features of MasterFlow 816?

MasterFlow 816 can be pumped into areas inaccessible to conventional grouts or grouting methods.

What are the benefits of MasterFlow 816?

  • No bleeding or settlement shrinkage.
  • Long open time – can be pumped and/or recirculated for relatively long periods of time.
  • Non shrink – hardens without shrinkage within the sheath or hole ensuring maximum bond and protection against ingress of water while in service.
  • Specially formulated – to enhance flow and protect stressed tendons, bolts or bars from corrosion

MasterFlow 816 Technical Data Sheet MasterFlow 816 Safety Data Sheet

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