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Category Epoxy & Cementitious Grouts

Product MasterFlow 678

MasterFlow 678

Deep-pour epoxy resin grout

How does MasterFlow 678 work?

Masterflow 678 is a deep pour, low -exotherm, multi use three component epoxy grout.  It can be used where deep sections of epoxy grout must be placed with low heat generation.

Recommended uses:

  • Deep-pour baseplate applications between 150mm and 450mm
  • Repair of spalled concrete
  • Rebuilding deteriorated curbs, bases and columns
  • Anchoring bolts, rebar and dowels
  • Exterior grouting and repairs

What are the unique features of MasterFlow 678?

MasterFlow 678 is ideal for deep pours-can be placed in lifts of up to 450mm thick .

What are the benefits of MasterFlow 678?

  • Long working time – facilitates proper placement
  • Excellent creep resistance, even at high temperatures – will not deform under constant loads
  • Low exotherm – results in minimal heat generation
  • Precludes the necessity of rebar installation or multiple lifts – reduces installation costs
  • Positive expansion – fills minor gaps and voids in forming
  • Superior adhesion – positive bond to concrete and steel

MasterFlow 678 Technical Data Sheet MasterFlow 678 Part A Safety Data Sheet MasterFlow 678 Part B Safety Data Sheet

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