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Product Masterfinish MF-Series Trowel Machines

Masterfinish MF-Series Trowel Machines

The MF series trowel machines are powered by genuine Honda motors and come with a smooth pitch control for even finishing. This machine also features an emergency engine kill for operator safety if handle is released during trowelling, a lifting bar, lifting hook and a chrome guard for ease of cleaning. 12 month machine warranty. 36 month Honda warranty. Available with Yanmar Diesel fitted.

CodeDescriptionWeight (kgs)Engine
Blade TypePath
MF436MF Series Trowel Machine77Honda GX200S36-10Pre/D36-2P36"
MF436DMf Series Diesel Trowel Machine78Yanmar L48NS36-10Pre/D36-2P36"
MF440MF Series Trowel Machine80Honda GX200S36-10Pre/D36-2P40"
MF446MF Series Trowel Machine116Honda GX270S46-18P/D46-2P46"
CodeFuelPower (kw)Horse Power (hp)
Capacity (CC)Engine Speed (RPM)Motor Oil Level (ml)Gearbox Oil
MF4364-stroke4.15.52003600600220 Grade Gear oil
MF436DDiesel3.15.52003600600220 Grade Gear oil
MF4404-stroke4.15.52003600600220 Grade Gear oil
MF4464-stroke4.1927036001100220 Grade Gear oil

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