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Category Carbon Fibre Strengthening

Product MasterBrace 4000

MasterBrace 4000

Epoxy resin adhesive for MasterBrace Laminate System

How does MasterBrace 4000 work?

MasterBrace 4000 is the adhesive for the MasterBrace Laminate System and a filling compound for irregular surfaces. It is used as an adhesive for the MasterBrace Laminates to concrete, steel and wood.

What are the unique features of MasterBrace 4000?

MasterBrace 4000 is a thixotropic with high adhesive strength.  It is self-supporting requiring no external propping and with minimal drips and runs.

What are the benefits of MasterBrace 4000?

  • Long potlife – allows installation of long laminates
  • High cured bond strength – creating true composite with substrate
  • Bonds to damp surfaces (saturated surface dry) – suitable for all environments including marine

MasterBrace 4000 Technical Data Sheet MasterBrace 4000 Part A Safety Data Sheet MasterBrace 4000 Part B Safety Data Sheet

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