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Floor Grinders

The Masterfinish Floor Grinder has a robust steel construction and is powered by a 2hp single phase electric motor. Fitted with a 25amp electric cable and lifting bar. A vaccum hose can be connected to the machine for dust extrac- tion. Fabric dust shield included as standard. Ease of control achieved by using the fingerlight wheel height adjustment. Can be fitted with a variety of discs to suit most types of abrasive segments. Minimal maintenance required – 2 grease points only. 12 month machine warranty. Grinding stones not included.

CodeDescriptionWidthMotor Size (KW)Motor Voltage (V)Disc Speed (RPM)Disc Diametre (mm)Vaccum Port SizeNumber of SegmentsLead Length
G1-ASingle Disc Floor Grinder701.524036035038325
29Wedge Abrasive Segment
WBGPWedge Diamond Rub
G2-5Abrasive Retainer Strips w/screws
12-17Dust Skirt For G1-A
G2-6Disc and Abrasive Retainers

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