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Product Cub Grinder

Cub Grinder

Master Finish Cub Grinder has adjustable air flow that can be used with any vaccum system. Lightweight for transportation and handling, it is compactable so it stores easily. Left or right hand operated, the Masterfinish Cub Grinder is easy to control for both wet and dry grinding with a level adjustment on rear wheels for perfectly even surfaces and handling. Features a floating head dust shroud to pick up maximum dust plus height control (three positions) to cater for all operator sizes.

CodeDescriptionWidthMotor Size (KW)Motor Voltage (V)Disc Speed (RPM)Disc Diametre (mm)Vaccum Port SizeNumber of Segments
MF-CUBDiamond Disc Floor Grinder472.22401450250511
HGH10Grinding Plate10”
K-CUB-006-2Dust Skirt

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