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Product MasterBrace 1446

MasterBrace 1446

Thixotropic epoxy mortar and adhesive for high build applications

How does MasterBrace 1446 work?

MasterBrace 1446 is a thixotropic paste adhesive solvent free epoxy resin system.  MasterBrace 1446 is designed as a structural adhesive and may be used to bond precast elements and segments.  It can also be used as a polymer repair mortar and will bond to a wide variety of building and construction materials including concrete, masonry, timber and metals.

MasterBrace 1446 is ideally suited to applications in the water treatment industry and is approved for contact with potable water tested to AS 4020.

Recommended uses:

  • Structural bonding of precast elements
  • Fixing injection ports for crack injection
  • Bonding a wide variety of building and construction materials
  • As a repair mortar, may be mixed with kiln dried sands for deep repairs (>25mm)
  • Repair/bonding applications in potable water applications
  • Abrasion resistant lining or repair

What are the unique features of MasterBrace 1446?

The consistency of the material ensures that minor variations in the bonding surfaces can be catered for without compromising the strength of the bond.

What are the benefits of MasterBrace 1446?

  • Low VOC – solvent free
  • Multi-purpose – excellent adhesion to concrete steel and damp substrates
  • Simple on-site QC – components pigmented and pre-proportioned to aid mixing
  • Wide application window – applicable at low temperatures

MasterBrace 1446 Technical Data Sheet MasterBrace 1446 Part A Safety Data Sheet MasterBrace 1446 Part B Safety Data Sheet

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